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TSKW’s Last Show at the Armory

Mango Madness & Member Summer Salon

Watercolor by Andy Thurber

 Andy Thurber’s loose and vibrant watercolor – celebrating all things Conch – ushers in the show.

Please note that many of the works shown are still available for sale.   Proceeds benefit the artist as well as TSKW.

Welcome to the last show at the armory- Erin Stover-Sickman,  program co-ordinator, in her mango dress and sunny smile to match!


After a tumultuous five years, TSKW will officially vacate the armory on July 31, 2014.  I will miss this space at the same time that I look forward to a new era with the same handful of dedicated, (some say fanatical) champions of the arts in Key West.


TSKW enjoyed record crowds this last Walk-on-White, despite June being off-season.  The halls were full, the lure of sampling beautifully prepared food, viewing new artworks and greeting members of the Key West art community brought people out in droves.


Dahlia Woods, large piece hovered above the crowd. Dahlia is a painter specializing in vivid large scale pieces, dedicated volunteer and member of TSKW.

First, the food! The judges table. They were given samples of competing dishes, but each dish also had to be available for public sampling – hence the early crowds.

The Mango madness Cooking Contest is on! Winners receive restaurant gift certificates. And check out all the orange outfits.


I don’t know who made it and don’t have a picture of it but I ate the most wonderful cupcake – mango cake stuffed with mango and topped with mango icing. I planned to have a discreet bite or two but instead it became an appetizer. Wait … there they are – the cupcakes on the edge of the table.

Then the fajitas, with mango salsa…


This just in – the results – I knew I had picked a winner!

1st Prize Ric McCausland Mango Stuffed Cupcakes
2nd Prize MaryBeth McCulloch Mango Proscutto Flatbread
3rd Prize Charlie Christensen & Rita Rogers Mango Crumble


Lots of love in the hall: author Suzy Byrd, Janet Hinkle and Captain Nancy Beaudin.


The show would not be complete with a couple of pieces of fiber art: This small quilt is by Margo Ellis.

Margo Ellis

And a hand woven coat – obviously destined for more Northern climes.


Lots of people appreciating the work, more shades of orange,  paying homage to the compliant and cheery mango.


A mixed bag of paint, fiber, furniture, sculpture.

Jim Sherrington


Studio artist Christine Fifer’s sumptuous piece – also in her solo show at the armory. To see more lush paintings from this series, go to her recently completed website by clicking on her name.

Christine fifer
Bookends of the Florida Straits by Christine Fifer


A Judi Bradford vanity hat. Judi’s experiments in millinery leave me breathless. A studio artist, she recently returned from London where she studied with masters, funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Summer Sunset by Judi Bradford

My painting, slated to become the new cover of No Name Key, my debut novel. Reviews are in and they have been generous, so thank you to all who supported me – especially TSKW for the small illuminated studio I share with Jonathan Woods, fellow writer and raconteur extraordinare.


Ahhh – what TSKW show would be complete without a Pam Hobbs offering? This one in enamel, a medium that I have never seen her work with.

Close to the Equator by Pam Hobbs

Classic and charming portrait.

Girl on Casa Marina Beach by Nancy Beck

Dynamic, modern …

Lookout by Jackie Sanchez


A piece of Keysware by Jane Grannis, much appreciated potter and TSKW volunteer.


Framed poetry and photograph by Maureen Tracy-Venti, TSKW studio artist.

Travels by Maureen Tracy-Venti


I lusted after this bit of Island whimsy from Susan O’Neil, – as did others –  so asserteth the red dot.

Rockadoodle by Susan O’Neil



Painted furniture.



This full blown sensual tribute by Hans M Zimple does not need a name and that’s a good thing because it almost does not have one.

Untitled by Hans M Zimple


And this happy, wonky homage by Susan D’Antonio.

Mango Margarita by Susan D’Antonio

And this – hey wait a minute – that’s a banana – mango’s competition! Just ask Mary!

A Weighty Matter by Mary Jean Connors


Yesterday I dropped by and got this – anyone who visits regularly will recognize Diane Savicky, who knows everything about everything TSKW or will point you to someone who does.



My mother taught me to leave things in better shape than I find them,  and this was on my mind as I walked away from the armory yesterday. This historic landmark is in far better condition after the five years of love,  freely and generously given by the artists, patrons, students and island guests who came to visit. I hope this spirit will linger in the hallways, staircases and grounds of this important building, adding to its provenance.

For information on where the TSKW roadshow will next make camp, check out how TSKW has grown up by clicking on this : Our New Building

And my account of the first reveal in my previous post – search for:

TSKW – A New Home to Worship Art in Key West






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