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What’s Blooming – My Key West Garden in May

It’s great to head outside, write my morning papers anytime of the year and check out what’s blooming all year long.

I have a tiny place but have discovered that orchids bloom all year long, each  variety has its own season.

I got this as a bareroot plant from a Thai orchid dealer at Redlands two years ago and he seems to be happy with me. Delicate & gorgeous.

This is a dendrobium that my friend Danny bought me three years ago. He was looking pretty wan a while back – but now . . .

Here’s a close up.

Eggplants do really well here. These are young, Violette de Firenze.

Here’s a close up – they haven’t started blooming yet, but the leaves are beautifully veined and healthy.

I’m also growing three varieties of tomatoes. This is Chapman, gorgeously convoluted, just like the package promised.

I love to grow from seed, open pollinated, unusual varieties, all in pots because I have a small yard.

Here’s a close up of the tomatoes on this plant, named Tie-Dye. How could I resist a tomato with a name like Tie-Dye. Impossible!


And another variety, the Golden German Queen, flowering in close-up.

Swiss chard is not as crazy about the heat but doing well so far. This is “Rainbow” also grown from seed.

What a luxury to have these Caladiums reappear every year from bulbs left in the ground.

My ginger boyz.


Coconuts from the palm out back.

Sometimes I get unexpected company.


Sussing out the amenities.

Then heading on out . . .


Last seen making for these fruiting magenta leaves.

4 thoughts on “What’s Blooming – My Key West Garden in May”

  1. Katie says:

    Shameless use of turtles!

    1. jessica says:

      You’re just lucky I didn’t put the catz in!

  2. Katie says:

    I thank you for your restraint.

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